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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

These are our think tank abstracts and synthesis presented at The World Parliament of Religions, Salt Lake City - Oct., 16, 2015; on the question of recovery from our climatic and ecological apocalypse, via the necessary amends and restoration of the indigenous ancestral wisdom of natural procreative hygiene, destroyed by centuries of drug profiteering agendas, enforced by the inquisitions.:


The Virtual Free University*
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The Really Inconvenient Truth:
A Production Thesis for a Documentary Reply to Al Gore's Green Energy Solutions
Based on a Media Ethics Foundation Course presentation at
The World Parliament of Religions
Salt Lake City - Oct., 16, 2015
(c) 1972-2016 Media Free Times

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2nd DRAFT - George Kasey - Media Ethics and Procreative Hygiene - pre-parliament of world religions presentation - update 150828

1st Edited by Larry Schmidt PhD 150818


The key to ending poverty, disease and war is peaceful population reduction i.e.: natural procreative hygiene.

The title of my presentation is “Media Ethics and Peaceful Population Reduction.”It is concerned with human ecological recovery through the practice of universal procreative hygiene awareness. It begins with the assumption that the human community does not have an energy crisis that will result in food shortages and economic meltdowns; we have rather a population crisis. This population crisis is exacerbated by our collective addiction to media.
My purpose in this presentation is to share my experience strength and hope in terms of my recovery experience from media addiction, or power addiction and how it relates to my understanding of media ethics and specifically with regards to global procreative hygiene awareness as it applies to our interfaith dialogue. My personal recovery from addiction has taken place using the insights of Alcoholics Anonymous. The same insights can be used in the recovery from media addiction. The first precept in the 12 steps is rigorous honesty, the second deflation of the false self, by putting our faith in a power greater than ourselves and the third step is a complete surrender of self-will, to the will of a higher power of our own understanding.
To supplement my arguments I will be using sources from numerous wisdom teachings and spiritual traditions. Some of them you may recognize: others may be strange or new to you. However I ask that you keep an open mind. This is a very difficult subject and that best we can hope for in this brief introduction is to open up the topic for future dialogue and brainstorming. We are keenly aware that the subject of procreative hygiene is taboo in some circles, but in flowing the 12 steps we will avoid any kind of confrontation. As much as possible, we will remain free of political or religious controversy.Simply put my intention is to present my truth as I understand it for your consideration and contemplation. I believe that we are all here for one purpose and that is to discover what it is that we have in common, rather than what alienates us. I will be seeking that common ground.
In our early media ethics proposals to governments, NGO’s and Religious organizations alike we have suggested that information become globally available about emmenagogues. For a more farsighted foreign policy with humanistic intent, rather than concern for corporate bottom lines, in terms of the perpetuation of the poverty business i.e.: that along with food supplies relief to refuge victims, that there are ample natural birth control methods made available.

Needless to say, the shock of such a policy would have a twofold advantage and disadvantage. First of all, the outcry and backlash of those already in conflict over issues of “pro-life” and “pro-choice” would be dramatic. On the other hand the media mileage of such a policy would start a global dialogue about information that has basically been suppressed concerning procreative hygiene, since the 16th century, in favor of medical drug monopolies, that have used the Inquisition to enforce their agendas.

However there is tremendous opportunity here to start the process of restoring what basically are human rights, youth rights and women’s rights, to know about what nature has provided, in lieu of medical abortions.

The is disturbing fact is that, in an educated public the natural knowledge of use of emmenagogues is not available, herbs that induce the flow of menses and thus prevent conception, proscribe the need for physical abortions.

That is to say more precisely, intrusive abortions, to begin with, are not needed, never were needed and never will be needed. This fact is the human birth right and suppression of in our opinion is a violation of not only the rights of women and youth but human rights in general. To this end we have been preparing suggested amendments to the United Nations Declarations on Youth Rights

We are not talking about the use of enforced sterilization, or eugenics here. Neither is it being suggested that accepting the Malthusian argument, that disease, famine and war, will solve the problem, or that it would solve itself, if only the poor practiced moral turpitude. To date none of these heavy handed approaches have been successful. Why? Because basically they are all mercenary agendas that are not base on facts, nor are they in keeping with natures own laws.

In a democracy, the public must be fully aware of all of the elements of any debate, otherwise they cannot make a decision based on factual information. Information that is deprived of the critical facts, in any issue, is disinformation. In the case of Roe versus Wade the information about the use of emmenagogues was not made available to the general public and this issue has divided the nation into two camps. We maintain that it is time for the world’s governments to act responsibly and to let the people know what these facts are. The G20 nations can and must take a lead in this role and interfaith dialogue then, must be at the vanguard for any change to be possible.

We have attempted, with very limited resources and consequently limited response, to raise public interest via documentaries, internet radio and our Virtual Free University Foundation course entitled: Technethics and Human Ecological Recovery - Procreating Ourselves to Death, See: Demo Reel (Procreating Ourselves to Death )

On the subject of the universal practice of Green Washing these issues we write :

Corporate and Governmental "Social responsibility" (SR) is missing the primary point and not dealing with the root causes of our ecological and economic crisis, that of overpopulation and artificial ignorance. The equivalent of one Hiroshima / Nagasaki, are dispatched daily off the planet, mostly youth, due to malnutrition and related issues. Children making children and then having to watch them wither and die. Since 1972 we have known that the only true global solution in terms of a return to "sustainability" is minus ZPG. We do have the media technology so that this can be achieved without violence in one generation, if we actually practice SR and not green washing. If we use the media to restore accurate knowledge of the birthright of ancestral indigenous wisdom, of the use of herbal birth control i.e.: emmenagogues.

The Virtual Free University Think Tank project working title, Procreating Ourselves to Death focuses on the dis-ease establishment suppression of information, about procreative and natural hygiene i.e.: disinformation about herbal birth control and anti-nutrients. In short, exposes the profiteering from human misery by media monopolies controlled by pharmaceutical drug cartels.

Let’s get real when we talk about Social Responsibility.

Again the concepts were introduced to Oxford University 21st Roundtable on Child Hood Education.

But after mobile app technology swamped the internet with commercial dross we added to the above:
"The greatest violence against women, on a par with rape, is myths perpetuating enforced procreation and disinformation on the availability of free and natural herbal birth control."

The greatest violence against women and children, on a par with rape and sexual abuse, is the irresponsible procreation encouraged via mass media and obsolete laws in large parts of the planet today. This is brought about through disinformation on the availability of free and natural herbal birth control. We do not have an energy crisis or a climate change crisis; we have a population crisis. And yet no attempt to discuss the taboo subject of global population reduction and the way it can be achieved through the sophisticated education of women and children has been made.

The Virtual Free University's experimental e-journal Media Free Times that pioneered in 1972 conceptualization for remote learning, via "multimedia periodicals", now known as "web pages"; has currently been developing de-design prototypes for IT systems, data management, analytic functions and information architecture, which achieves the prioritization of education in procreative and nutritional hygiene, for human ecological recovery.
These were created in anticipation of the development of mobile app technologies. Thanks to the rapid global spread of smart phones, even in the poorest countries on earth, there was promise that education via mobile app technology could enable the global community to begin to reverse population growth by disseminating and restoring the knowledge required to practice herbal birth control. Thus our educational system could prevent children from having children.

However these channels are now already cluttered with the same advertising of pharmaceutical, junk food and petrochemical agendas of the mainstream media that has been blocking alternatives. Perhaps the only remaining option is the restoration of the ancestral procreative wisdom via the oral traditions of the indigenous peoples i.e.: Han, Lietuvis, Ojibway, just to mention a few, that are now far below minus ZPG. The hope is that the rest of humanity, that has overgrown their boundaries and lost contact with the laws of nature; all those that are now burdening spaceship earth with their numbers would be compelled by this wisdom, to reduce their size to that of the indigenous peoples. Only then would we have a return to the garden of sustainability.

Unfortunately this process will not be effective enough; we are already in the beginning stages of an irreversible ecological apocalypse. To facilitate this change we will need new directions in the governance of our foreign policies and interfaith dialogue to arrive at a universal praxis on the issues of Maternal Health and Natural Knowledge.

The Virtual Free University Think Tank has been working on these problems for half a century and is offering a foundation course in Media Ethics and Human Ecological Recovery for the development of this thesis for print, educational documentary and mass media programming, to promote public awareness and participation in these questions.

And the following submission to a Canadian Member of Parliament who criticized the current administration in Ottawa on several occasions on these points i.e.:
Hello Carol Hughes MP et al :

As per your suggestion we have committed to writing here, the key points of our conversation on Friday.
Several weeks ago we contacted you regarding our concern that during the Maternal Health Summit 3.8 billion Canadian taxpayers’ dollars were earmarked over the next ten years, for supposedly maternal health issues without any democratic dialogue or public input. That under the rubric of "maternal health" corporate marketing of anti-nutrients that are addiction fostering substances i.e.: Sucrose and Sodium Chloride, are being marketed as cures for disease. That the most important aspects of health information, or allocation of funding for such purpose is not made available, nor is there any precedents in the Canadian Foreign Affairs Department agenda for that to change. That even access to information about the possibility of access to funding or policy debate was very difficult to find and when in fact we did finally manage to contact the appropriate department, we were begrudgingly sent application forms that excluded any participation from Canadian-based not-for-profit nongovernmental organizations. Our attorney explained to us that basically we need to have public input via a "compelling argument" in order to divert these funds into a direction that would be more effective in terms of global health. However we found that we would not be able to qualify for media funding to communicate our position.

In short that the concerns of broadcasters and distributors of mass media products are not going to involve themselves with educational products that do not promote pharmaceutical and petrochemical advertisers agendas. The other alternative was to apply for a juried competition that was restricted to the development of edutainment, wherein because of these factors the critical content, in the words of McLuhan, is "marginalized, quarantined, homogenized and then cloned”.

We explained that our organization, The George Kasey Foundation Inc. AKA The Foundation for the Advancement of Applied Techno Ethics and Human Ecological Recovery (F.A.T.H.E.R.) has been working on media ethics awareness since 1972. That, to this purpose, we were pioneers of the philosophy of "public access to public media and free education" i.e.: we developed the "first multimedia periodicals" (now called "webpages"), information architecture and distance education (now available via MIT, Athabasca). That for the purpose of maintaining unbiased integrity in terms of our philosophical work on design theory for the commonweal, we maintain The Virtual Free University Think Tank is as much as possible non affiliated with any political, secular or religious institution. We suggested in this respect that we open and continue our dialogue with your party and government on these vital issues and act as a liaison.

To this end, in order to establish effective communications we proposed that a white paper be commissioned for the rendering of our thesis and that in this manner the process of scrutinizing the existing foreign affairs policies be implemented. So that the Canadian government can take the lead in terms of global education on nutritional, psychological and In particular, procreative hygiene.

The concern is that the medically established fact that the appropriate age for childbearing is between 24, to 35 and not 13, or 14 years of age and this apparently is not part of the foreign affairs ministry. Our preliminary focus then is to change the policy of the foreign affairs department, so that appropriate education is guaranteed on this one point.
Although it has been argued that enforced regulation of population is not acceptable in a Democratic world. Our interest is in providing the facts so that the public can choose for itself the appropriate methods. Certainly we would argue that it is morally unacceptable for children who are not capable of maintaining themselves, to bring offspring into a dysfunctional life threatening environment.

Our proposed amendments to the United Nations Charter on Youth Rights proposes that the right to information that was the natural knowledge, or wisdom of the ancestors, time tested for centuries pertaining to the use of herbal birth control be restored as a human right. Research on these methods has demonstrated that they are hundred percent effective without side effects and yet the mainstream pharmaceutical controlled media monopoly maintains a hegemony that does not permit this kind of information to become public knowledge.

At a time when there is a growing consensus that the root cause of all of our ecological, economic and cultural problems are related to overpopulation, when the tsunami tidal wave of "the demographic J" threatens to destroy our futures, to permit the farming of humanity, via this kind of scientism is completely ethically unacceptable. The governance of a Democratic society must challenge the "free speech" of advertisers and defend the public interest in maintaining health and well-being.

We then explained that our affiliated company HeartCalm productions communications syndicated international has for ten years been in the process of developing a prototype for the global distribution of information via mobile app technology, specifically designed to put a priority on health-related education via information architecture that would prioritize, via a pedagogical interface, that is not solely concerned with edutainment in the proselytizing of addictive anti-nutrients and junk culture. This abstract was introduced to Oxford University 21st Roundtable on Child Hood Education*.

That we are open in this respect and available under contract via The Directors Guild of Canada to sponsors or producers that are part of the DGC signatory agreement. In short, for half a century we have been developing intellectual property for the purpose of creating a "compelling argument" that would facilitate public debate in a Democratic society on these critical issues. Certainly we believe that it is time that our government took an interest in assisting the not-for-profit sector, our culture workers that are constantly engaged in repairing the damage done by the profit sectors, without any compensation, remuneration or protection.

Finally and we think most importantly, we would like to continue this dialogue with the hopes that it becomes generally accepted as procedural policy in a Democratic society, as opposed to the heavy-handed disinformation and mystification perpetuated by political coreligionist rhetoric. Yes we still have people in the world that believe that the earth is flat, that we have an unlimited capacity and duty to "increase and multiply" in a finite planet and that believe in the Malthusian myth that "war, famine and disease" will solve our population problems in the face of historically established demographics that prove otherwise. This same pseudo "fundamentalist" minority of scientifically illiterate, present themselves as authorities, without any theological or ethical concern for human well-being, are the darlings of the myopic media of war mongers.

We live in a technological society with the capacity to deliver colas and chocolate bars, machine guns and machetes, cigarettes and syringes, to children in the most barren parts of the planet; children that do not have shoes to wear, that do not know what three balanced meals a day looks like, that are wearing third-generation hand-me-down rags. These children have to find shelter in abandoned buildings, in fear of being abducted into military service, or sold off as sex slaves. These children sleep together and they become pregnant.

The young pregnant girl may have to deliver her progeny in a ditch, or watch it starve to death. Every 24 hours the equivalents of one Hiroshima of these unfortunate wretches are dispatched of the planet. We are told that it is not our business to teach the young how not to procreate. The missionaries that line their pockets and encourage young addicts to proliferate and multiply apparently do not feel pain. Any attempt to discuss openly the taboo subject of overpopulation in a Democratic society is immediately criticized by these mercenaries. It is our hope that a humanistic government can proceed and intervene and stop the kind of expropriation of public funding that continues to foster this kind of disinformation and to this end we offer our services as a citizen’s task force and independent liaison.
<<end cc.>>


On the question of the technological capabilities to deliver the information globally …whereas children with no shoes and 3rd generation clothes, who have never had three balanced meals per day in their live have access to colas, cigarettes, syringes, machetes and machine guns …the availability of distribution channels does not appear to be a problem and in the case of electronic dissemination we write in our brief to IBM :

Computer IT - Parasite, Symbian or Human

Half a century ago computer intelligence, relative to animal and human capabilities rated between a tapeworm and an earwig but an interesting comparison was made*:
“tapeworms and computers have some interesting points in common. In the first place both are relatively immobile – the tapeworm just sits there attached to the intestine, while the computer just sits …[in].. Its air conditioned room. Both are fed by things that are not tapeworms or computers, and can therefore be classified as parasitic”

Hatch (1979) * ISBN: 0-671-42184-0 Pg.195  

Advertisers report that AI now has increased in IQ to human capacity, but the question remains…has it become a more effective tool, or a more efficient parasite. A closer look will reveal that the computer has three parts, not just hardware and software, but also human ware and the actuality is that the major input is what S.P.R. Charter called the "Man Machine", the product of over population and industrialization. The fact is that without this third part IT would not exist as a parasite.

Understanding media:

For the media addict this question is critical. In order to discern if media is life-enhancing or dis-ease inducing, it is suggested that personal media usage be tabulated and categorized in terms of priorities, just as time management or spending tables are used for planning. If a library of material is sitting and occupying space ….how much does that space cost to maintain. More to the point how much life energy and time is being consume by junk media i.e.: meds, plug-in drugs, anti-nutrients …what are you getting for your investment? Health or Dis-ease?

 My interest in interfaith dialogue dates back to the peace movements in the 60s and the belief was that if we could learn to respect each other by understanding one another that we would have peace. We have had war without end and no end is in sight. I believe that we are all here to change that. I believe that the only way that we can conquerviolence, is with the sword of “the highest truth” and the fire of unconditional love.

I was present at the world Parliament of religions in 1993 when one of the speakers stated that for many years in his life, not unlike myself, he had been studying comparative religion and philosophy and found incredible beauty and truth in the writings and the traditions, but noticed that in the world, no one was actually practicing their religions. At that time I was representing by default, my Lithuanian ancestry as a keeper of the flame. Our indigenous people, now almost extinct, have been subject to genocide and dispersal for seven centuries. The culture is now completely homogenized to the extent that there may be others who are also "keepers of the flame for our people", but I do not know who they are and I may be the last of them. I understood at a very early age that these occupations through war were the result of imperial population expansions. So the idea that no one is practicing their religions resonated with me very clearly.

It is not very well known that there were scriptural references to overpopulation in the very first Genesis Epic of Gilgamesh produced centuries before the Old Testament version that we are familiar with. Whereas the flood of Noah in our Western tradition was apparently caused by "sin" it is not very clear what that sin was. However in the earlier version the cause of the flood was overpopulation, in other words the compulsive obsessive hubris of our antediluvian ancestors created ecological strife to such an extent that nature destroyed them by flood. The sin then would have been excessive procreation. It is ironic that we still are conditioned with toxic shaming to think that the sin is our sexuality, but in actuality, it appears to be our uncontrolled procreation.

We speak of the wages of sin being death and I don't think we need very much keen observation or meditation to see things as they are and notice that we are indeed in the middle of a global ecological apocalypse, as the result of our hubris and greed. The farmer is indoctrinated to believe that it is okay to raise children for the purpose of labour. The landlord encourages slaves to procreate, because the more addicted slaves there are the greater the profits.

The religious bureaucrat counts the money from the poor box and is grateful that "the poor shall always be with us" and encourages her congregation to "increase and multiply" because that increases the income from baptisms, weddings and funerals. The warmonger encourages the people to increase and multiply for greater advantage in war. The drug dealer in the disease establishment profits most of all, from human misery. The equation is very simple: the greater the population, the greater the misery, disease, famine and war and the greater the profits, if you're in the drug business.

All this is encouraged by the media monopoly of the disease establishment financed by the big drug dealers, that is to say big sugar, big salt, big caffeine, , big cocaine, big pharmaceuticals, big cocaine and the mother of them all big opium, not to mention the electronic plug-in drugs. All these agents are themselves media addicts. They believe in the God of gold oil and drugs. The drugs are the most important; the Gold and the Oil are there only to launder the drug money. Gold and opium are always on a par; gold has been elevated to fetish status by centuries of religious observance.

This appears to be the dominant religion of this age. Increasingly religions themselves are becoming simply media providers. Showbiz, Ersatz religiosity, increased mystification and metaphysical kitsch, like our built-in obsolescence seems to be the only marketable commodities. We flip through the channels and web pages like passing billboards on the Internet superhighway, seeking but never finding any oasis, or resting place. We are media addicts and we have no way back home to the garden of sustainability because we have lost all contact with the most important truth of our being.

So what can we do about I am proposing that we follow the 12 steps for dealing with addiction in Alcoholics Anonymous. These are basically 12 principles. The first principle is the concept of rigorous honesty. Unless the addict can come to the realization that s/he is powerless over the addiction, there is no way to recover. Without that rigorous honesty the addictswill stay in denial and all "the weapons of mass distraction" will keep them locked into their "tranquilizer chairs", vicariously acting out with their heroes, or antiheroes that seem to be miraculously escaping the bondage and domination of their captors. In this delusional state they can continue posturing at making change by donating to NGOs that are green washing the issues. In reality however, although they appear to be dealing with their compassion fatigue and flying in virtual reality, free of the world's worries; they are in fact wired in so completely and so totally, like the embryos in "the matrix" of "the new industrial state" that moulds and manipulates all of us, from cradle to grave.


We need to accept the fact that we are “powerless” over the Demographic J. That all of our absurd “half measures” got us nowhere i.e.: proposals to “save seeds”, “reduce toxic emissions”, Malthusian utopias, or dystopias, “nuke the planet”, genetically modify the food supply, “go to Mars”, “eat less and pay more”, have an Armageddon and start a Crusade etc. etc. etc.

Is there any scripture that suggests an alternative to this state of media / power addiction and slavery?
The Judeo-Christian-Islamic world, all share the same ethical precepts. Yet Jew, Christian and Muslim, all ignore the commandment "thou shalt not commit murder." There has been war without end in the West from the time of David to the present. But we need to pay careful attention also to the very root of the other violations, being disconnected from “the most high truth”.

"Have no other gods before me" and "make no graven images… And do not worship these icons…" This common violation is a classic definition of media addiction, sacrificing the connectivity to the "I am" presence, whether it is called "the Buddha nature", or "the Christ within', or the “AinSof”, the mystery of the nameless one, or the 999 names of God, or the philosophical "thing that it is." These are all symbolic representations of one and the same thing: "the highest truth.

When the great ethicist was observing the life force symbolically represented by the "burning Bush" and was completely overwhelmed by the mystery and the truth of his vision, he was asking, how will I describe you to the people below in the Valley who are worshiping "the Golden calf" and the answer was "I am that I am", in other words "if they can't see it you can't tell them about it. 

The other ethical precept that stands out in terms of the ancient regime practice of encouraging population increase for the sake of building legions of armies, the number of slaves and "Tilly the toilers," who were needed to build munitions, along with "the technological necessity" to have the entire society in "the brave New World" addicted to "soma" that is to say sucrose, which is the precursor of multiple other addictions and root cause of perhaps 85% of all of our medical trauma and expenses.

This precept "thou shalt not commit adultery" I think needs to be correctly interpreted in the deeper sense that I adultery is actually adulteration. This can mean sexual adulteration caused by toxic shaming that creates the sex addict, or the adulteration of the food supply, the pollution of air and water or the public mind. I think the concept of freedom from slavery entails the practice of not contaminating, the natural order of the world through perversion for material gain. 

We need also to remember another ethical precept "thou shalt not take the name of the Lord in vain". This one especially is most important in terms of emancipation from power addiction, because the predecessor of of our present disease establishment media monopoly was the earlier ancient politico-religious "new world order" that basically argued in favour of increasing populations for the purpose of war. This was supported by the belief in the myth that populations are balanced out by the three horsemen of the Apocalypse, disease, famine and war.

The blasphemy of taking on the role of God in order to farm humanity and profiteer from human misery is sustained by hubris, or pride. The sadomasochistic addiction to power completely disconnects those who believe that "ruling in hell is better than serving in heaven" from the most high truth and is a suicidal dance that throws the entire civilization into hysterical overconsumption. The end result is the spread of urban deserts that are and have been for centuries eating up our planet, that beautiful blue marble in space.

When we speak of the tree of life, that unites us all, we can imagine this planet as the garden of sustainability. With our hubris we created the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Ithink the real problem arose when we decided to adapt the highest truth according to our power addict’s cravings for self-aggrandizement having lost connectivity with the true self or the higher mind. Simply speaking there is a story that illustrates this concept that I like very much and it goes like this.

An Imperial religionist bureaucrat and the devil were walking down the highway together and having a pleasant conversation when lo and behold the bureaucrat noticed in the distance a man in the bushes had found some your urns containing scrolls. He asked the devil, “what has he found?" The embodiment of all evil answered: "he has found the truth" and so they continued walking. The religionist was a little confused and asked "you’re Majesty you are the Prince of deception, why are you not intervening and removing the truth from the man?" The devil answered "my friend there is no need for that. He will rearrange it himself." 

The shorter version of this story is when asked by a human the question “is there a Devil” the answer would be “if you want to see who the devil is, just look at your addict self in the mirror”
So we have a problem. It is not that we are familiar with the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but that we are rearranging it to our own liking. We have a man machine reality that is based on scientism and not science. We have an ongoing theological war without end that is a complete departure from the ethical precepts of the highest truth, the common core teachings of all spiritual traditions.

I'm sure that at the time of Genesis the idea that humanity should go forth and "increase and multiply" was a positive and benevolent natural thing to do. But in our era all of the resources that we counted on to keep populations at bay have failed us. Our Imperial religiosity has generated an irreversible demographic J that is like a tsunami that will destroy everything in its path. Two world wars and two cold wars have not put a dent in this demographic J. It is wise to acknowledge the fact that the theory that disease, famine and war have not been successful and in fact have only compounded our suicidal race to oblivion.

We can no longer count on war because we have reached the technological reality of mutual assured destruction. As long as there is profit from scarcity through the use of artificial agricultural processes like GMOs and the adulteration of food including the pollution of the DNA we cannot expect famine to be considered "a problem". And of course the profits from disease for the drug cartels in the pharmaceutical companies is not going to be a deterrent when our economies are entirely supplemented by the income from these distortions of science.

We see the struggle between science that is pseudoscience and religion that is pseudo-religion, where in reality there is no actual conflict. The conflict arises because the human race has lost contact with the most high truth, because we have reinterpreted it to the liking of own addictive personality traits. No longer are we capable of navigating without the rudder, or the compass of our own ethical precepts. We are lost in the darkness of our own self-perpetuated ignorance, a mediated artificial ignorance generating a co-dependency and perpetuating the vicious cycle of self-delusion, self aggrandizement and self annihilation. Hell is the disconnection of the highest truth from the true self. This is the unforgivable sin.

The Imperial religions of the ancient regime have reaped a whirlwind from their own pursuits and their child is what we now call the media monopoly. There was already a climate change in the Middle Ages as a result of population growth to feed the religious wars. People needed to build fireplaces and insulate their homes with wood from the forests that were sacred temples to our ancestors. They needed wood to make weapons and suits of armour. They needed wood to build warships and later they needed wood to build cannons.

Of course inevitably they ran out of wood and so although everyone knew that burning coal was toxic and debilitating, the religious military governments banned the use of firewood for manufacturing weapons and of course we started burning fossil fuels. Once coal ran out we turned to oil and fought two world wars over that resource and then two cold wars over nuclear power. It all these wars the priest was called upon to bless the weapons and the tanks, the bombs and the arsenals of chemical and bacteriological death.

A man in a Roman collar on television proclaimed that it is our duty to nuke anyone that does not agree with us. And all of this led to "the fields of poppies growing row on row." It is all about the poppies, so that a few addicts could profiteer from human misery and be blessed in the process?

We have seen through all of this and that is why we are here. We hope that interfaith dialogue will help us get rid of our distrust and anger; so that we can return to the light of reason.We can only conquer our addictions with the sword of the highest truth in the fire of unconditional love.