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Subject:                                         Opaque Projector or Designer? - What the Carrot looks like: notes on the Nadaist Manifesto / “ free speech v. spin”  - ViFrU Ellul colloquy footnotes 180806



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Opaque Projector or Designer? - What the Carrot looks like: notes on the Nadaist Manifesto / “ free speech v. spin”  - ViFrU Ellul colloquy footnotes 180806



  sugested prerequisite read:


True DaDA is Na~Da


A Short History of Nadaism, Nihilism and Anti-Art


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 Memorial for Hans Arp




… One of the reasons why we are NADAist by default is the reality of media monopoly control of culture through socioeconomic manipulation of the hive mind. Nada has many meanings but one of the basic ones for us as media activists back in the 60s and 70s was the fact that we had absolutely nothing to work with after being locked out of any kind of gainful employment opportunity other than putting rubber bands into boxes on an assembly line for a dollar an hour. That plus the fact that the possibility of publishing was reserved to anyone who had the press.


So we endeavored to create alternatives via public access to public media arguments, that later became what we now know as the billion dollar advertising scam called “The Internet” (“The Matrix”). Here the opposite was true that the cacophony of massive info noise combined with the free speech of advertisers has made it virtually impossible to say anything to anyone about anything.


The advertising templates stylesheets prohibit anyone from reading anything that doesn't have them. And if the search engines don't place you in top rank then you will not be discovered. The bias obviously is on product bottom line versus philosophical content.


All of this in keeping with the MIGc disease establishment agendas create a bias that locks out any radical creativity. That is to say you can make whatever you want but nobody will see it unless you have the kind of resources to buy the media mileage that you need in order to become visible.


Or you can become another Cinderella story manufactured like the Snowden myth.


So one of the prerequisites of being a Nadaist I suppose, as opposed to the international recognition of the Dadaists… The point here being that we are not talking just about art per se, or design, but any communication that is contrary to the mainstream mercenary praxis.


So what does the isolated, quarantined, architect of the future whether he speaks and philosophical terms, or uses underground comics, guerrilla theater, graphic images or graffiti to express his or her mems, have to work with after she has been ostracized from any income and socially removed from the owners of the press/media machinery of propaganda?




Nada is what you get if you want to speak the truth.


So this is very different from the international Dadaists Art Mafia heroes. Or the pseudo-Nadaist poetry generated by the “New Speak” vendors media disinformation i.e.:


Nadaism (Spanish: Nadaísmo, meaning "Nothing-ism" in English) was an artistic and philosophical counterculture movement in Colombia prevalent from 1958 to 1964.”


The real NADA is as old as the oldest resistance movements and the ones that you do not see on the ad based search engines  resistance against indoctrination :



A NADAist Manifesto for Peace:

Somebody wrote:

"...The Dadaists thought that by creating paradoxical art that emulated the unpredictable nature of life they could protest against the misguided rationality of society..." We feel they were sadly mistaken, yet much of contemporary art attempts to emulate DADA, having lost the original meaning and intent and that a true, "clean and sober" strain from the original Pacifist Berlin DADA, is a spiritual anti-art that is in fact an unorthodox Zen Buddhist "NADA"… as such much of the pseudo DADA replication that is entombed in museums Today is metaphysical kitsch at its worst and an insult to the spirit of NADA.





…Nadaist philosophical thought is an attempt to correct “certain errors in thinking” especially in media and education  i.e.: the effects of “hubris” on the environment:  by a universal  “boycott of all commercial media




Thus it is “nothingness” also because, “the means of production”  i.e.:  drug cartel profits from global artificial ignorance, that generates overpopulation, causing disease, famine and war; are the sources of income for propaganda and inversely the socioeconomic censorship of any underground media resistance.


The carrot and the stick in the land of bread and circus.


Propaganda is not a poster, mimeographed pamphlets, graffiti, or an open mike on a street corner. It is hive mind bombardment.


Thus the Nadaist with zero budget need not concern herself with correcting typos, using Rubylith, or setting hot type by hand for the encyclopedic outlines of our thought, making accurate citations and indexing, or affixing appropriate style sheet templates; because in the cacophony of info noize nothing gets through the MIGc disease establishment firewall.


Conversely everything that does is suspect i.e.: “Fake Newz”


What is left is a lifestyle of recovery from media / substance addiction akin to the pure Zen / Taoist / Radical Pacifist Christian / Sufi / Kabbalist  traditions and new age 12 steps.


And because all NADAist take the gold and leave the rest, we can accept the most high truth in all scriptures thus making us by default heretics in all orthodox imperial religions.


The NADAist has no money and no home anywhere.


Helvetius speaks of the “truth”, science and not scientism, we access “the most high truth”, in either case the info architecture for change and true morality, based on the highest good for the greatest number is there, but there is no “power” in a techno fascist regime to implement the grand design and we are not waiting for it to happen from “THEM”;  but in real time, we are the real philosophical architects that “THEY” , “marginalize, quarantine, homogenize and then clone”.


It is all NADA!!!




Stay Free.








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