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Aloha EgaYto (aka: egayton2017):


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My Media Anon. ID is g~k~ ( aka “George Kasey*” ) and I am a recovering multiple addict / media addict and founding member / author / trusted servant of Media Anonymous World Service organization (inc.), a 12 step program for recovery from media addiction, now temporarily under the corporate umbrella of The George Kasey Foundation Inc.*

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Good Morning on day 2.


Overview of suggested new member Media Usage Plan (MUP) just for today with explanations of purposes in terms of recovery experience :


As per our introductory VoIP Media Anonymous meeting yesterday, the suggestions here are to “change the channel” into constructive bridge building for social networking focused on recovery via program service work, rather than attempting to “suppress, repress, and deny" our unmet needs for social interaction that as we discover our the result of dysfunctional backgrounds and addictions i.e.: needs for validation, abandonment issues, ways to medicate our chronic feeling of loneliness &c.


What we have been attempting to do for several decades is to create alternatives that are functional for recovery circles versus the popular "free and easy" what we would classify as pseudo- "social networking" sites. The very popular seductive and addiction fostering ways that we have used to medicate, yet it is possible to build our own "recovery circles".


However as addicts we find it impossible to turn off our virtual machines and our so called "friends". This reminds me of the kinds of "friends" that we leave behind, to make new real friends in programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous &c.


We go through a kind of grieving that is identical to having lost somebody dear to us. Daily we think that these virtual reality constructs are actual partners in our lives and that we miss them as if they were deceased.


The reality is that we are avatars building fictitious constructs of ourselves and relating to the masks that others are wearing, a very safe way to avoid intimacy and to prolong our isolation from the real world, of face-to-face interaction with real people, with real issues and real challenges.


So it is been our effort to construct a learning environment via The Virtual Free University^ which is a learning exchange designed, or rather "de-designed" for "de-schooling" our lifelong programming by media interests to facilitate a holistic learning exchange in real time with real people, in the real world.


For beginners this is like gaming, only we are building a virtual campus for real recovery experience interaction and reciprocal exchange i.e.: true, secure, ad free, P2P communications.


The idea here is to do service work in terms of mutual aid to create safe reciprocal interchange via what we call ViFrU^ “study desks” (more on this later…)



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