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Subject:                                         RE: corrected version RE: Invitation to participate in the George Kasey think tank for media ethics, world peace and human ecological recovery ...some ideas for your ProxyGambit development



cid:image001.jpg@01D33B77.06D166D0  The George Kasey Foundation Inc.*. 

AKA: The Virtual Free University (Think Tank)

The Foundation for the Advancement of Applied TechnEthics (Media Ethics) and Human Ecological Recovery (F.A.T.H.E.R.*)


Aloha Samy et al:


You are invited to participate in the vifru think tank for media ethics, world peace and human ecological recovery ...some ideas for your ProxyGambit development. By way of introduction and a conceptual offering for the marketing of the design of ProxyGambit:


The inventor of the secret formula for pop beverages was told by an anonymous person “why don’t you bottle it” …he did and made billions”. So the suggestion, in terms of mutual aid, would also apply to ProxyGambit …why not put it all in a box and sell it?

g~k~ is like that anonymous person, who probably did not make a dime for his creative input…as a pacifist media activist for true P2P, via free and open public access to public media, in the 70’s he originated the philosophy of communications de-schooling and de-design ( “media-interchange”) that DARPA (MIGc = Military Industrial Governmental complex) turned into the multibillion dollar advertising scam called “the internet”.

vifru created the analogue prototypes for the world’s first “multimedia periodicals” for distance education now called “Web-Pages”

See: Digitized reconstruction of Media Free Times vol. 1 - vol. 3 (1972)






The idea of a virtual university as an institution that used computers and telecommunications instead of buildings and transport to bring students and teachers together for university courses was first published in works like "De-Schooling Society" by Ivan Illich that introduced the concept of the use of computer networks as switchboards for learning, in 1970. In 1971 George Kasey, a media(activist)ethicist, delivered a series of lectures on "the Philosophy of Communications De-Design" under the sponsorship of Phil Jacklin PhD, professor at University of California San Jose, a member of "The (San Francisco)Bay Area Committee for Open Media and Public Access." The lectures contained the theoretical outlines for use of telecommunications and media for de-schooling and de-design of mainstream education and an alternative Virtual Free University system. By 1972 George Kasey established "Media Free Times - periodical Multimedia Random Sampling of Anarchic Communications Art" a prototype for remote learning with the use of "multi-media periodicals," that are now commonly referred to as "web pages". 



You will notice how, although I do not write code because I have dyslexia and am not a numbers brain but have hyper intelligent pattern recognition capabilities, yet there is a similarity in  our creative process, because it is so complicated it is often termed “ugly” i.e.:

Transatlantic Interview, 1946 Picasso said, 'You see, the situation is very simple. Anybody that creates a new thing has to make it ugly. The effort of creation is so great, that trying to get away from the other things, the contemporary insistence, is so great that the effort to break it gives the appearance of ugliness. Your followers can make it pretty, so generally followers are accepted before the master. The master has the stain of ugliness. The followers who make it pretty are accepted...'

Case in point your ProxyGambit invention:

If you put it all into an “appealing package”, it may well become a major consumer commodity.

Although design, or rather de-design is our forte, our primary interest as a not for profit think tank is in media ethics for human ecological recovery, here is a link to our very complicated and “ugly” design for a global campaign; that your ProxyGambit (registered trademark?) would facilitate the development of, if only we could get the package and assistance to use it.

...2 min. video intro. of ViFrU Think Tank project see:

update: Technethics & AI - proposal

…needless to say we have been censored and hacked for decades

…thus we made contact with a professional in your field ( see cc. of our dialogue via Signal app below) who is in the process of building a secure server for us …we do not have the resources to retain him at the level of income that he deserves, but he is working for the common cause non the less …we invite you also to participate in this most important opus in any way that you can.

Thank You for your interest and Welcome the ViFrU*

Best Regards and Peace.


g~k~/ () George Kasey ()


Director / CEO / CIO

*The Foundation for the Advancement of Applied TechnEthics (Media Ethics) and Human Ecological Recovery (F.A.T.H.E.R.):


The Virtual Free University (Think Tank)


Media Anonymous World Service




t.: 1-(705)-844-1888









· are a couple of other studies that i though you would find interesting:

Sun 4:08 PM


Sun 4:08 PM

·        Art of Invisibility.pdf

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Sun 4:08 PM

·        I know samy kamkar ;)

Mon 1:26 AM

·        ...guessed it, a hyper intelligent dropout from the system like georgie ...i can relate to his suffering ...can you get him to run our payload, to make it viral for 6 B kids on planet earth? Better than Boobtube? Or just turn him on to the whistle-blower here, on the "Big Pharma" birth control scam? in fact he could finance our efforts to bust through the MIGc media monoply firewall...right? How well do you know him and will he assist our think tank in this opus?

a day ago

·        ...good work

a day ago

·        Emoji image of 'owl'

a day ago

·        rest ...TTYS ...breath and ask your Higher Power what the next right thing to do is ...from minute to minute.

a day ago

·        You need a good video/animation editor

a day ago

·        Make a appealing video

a day ago

·        Maybe you can find someone on

a day ago

·        ...distribution is the issue .. video programming for mainstream media, of industrial quality costs minimum 1-2 M$ , I am available via the Directors Guild of Canada (DGC) or the DGA, if Kamkar is open to singing the signatory agreement. Check out the demos for George Kasey, on IMDB.
The 2 min. video clip on is enough conceptual info for the serious producer who is interested in global distribution. We have a registration under Media Free Times with the WGA (Writers Guild of America). If you know Mr. Kamkar then by all means pass on the video clip and let him decide what he wants to do. If he says we need an "appealing video" and he will cover the cost then you will get the standard 2% ...of 1-2M$ (negotiable)
We have been working this global media campaign for includes print, games, mobile app and AI ..the ."Big Pharma" control of media is not going to broadcast it ...hope you get this and can communicate it to Sammy K.

19 hours ago

·        We probably need more like 100m$ plus to get through the MIGc firewall

19 hours ago

·        ...please start thinking in terms of the "Big Picture" ...this is not another indie production Cinderella story.

19 hours ago

·        TTYS

19 hours ago

·        Emoji image of 'wink'

19 hours ago

·        Well if you have the funding, okay

18 hours ago

·        I meant i know his work, I don't personally know want. But you can easily contact him

18 hours ago

·        ...that is the main issue here for decades ...where to find an angel investor interested in going up against MIGc so we need to think hard here ...we have no way of connecting with s~k~ ...if you do pls. let us know. If the diligent student were to take the foundation course in media studies all would become clear...a lot of reading that few will undertake ...but we are not reinventing the wheel...just making a better one.

18 hours ago

·        Stay Free

17 hours ago

·        Emoji image of '+1'

17 hours ago

·        I am writing Kamkar is his email from his page ...also i will suggest to him to package his ProxyGambit into one box and distribute it is his email so you can make contact amd speak his language about our struggles with "Big Pharma" :




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