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ViFrU <-> OCADU / U. of T.  proposed elective syllabus update 180914




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Open Call for Interactive Dialogue - Ellul Colloquy 180421:

The Really Inconvenient Truth:

about Roe v. Wade, Herbs, Population and War

...2 Min.Video Intro. 

human rights to knowledge about natural procreation hygiene on a global scale…”

Based on a Virtual Free University Media Ethics Foundation Course presentation at

The World Parliament of Religions

Salt Lake City - Oct., 16, 2017



Format: Lecture and Production Thesis for a Documentary


It is on par with violence to withhold information from women about free birth control methods using natural herbs
Yes we have been "informed" that we have an "energy crisis", or a "climate change crisis" ; but what we really have is a population crisis and yet there is no attempt to discuss the taboo subject of global population reduction and the way it can be achieved



Extended lecture presented at the World Parliament of Religions

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Part Two:



Technethics, AI & Human Ecological Recovery


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Subject: Oral Traditions v. Orthopraxy - ViFrU Ellul colloquy - TIFF 180913
Importance: High



Aloha p~j~,l~s~:


Bcc.: M.F.T. – ViFrU Think Tank et al


It is good that we had the opportunity to speak face-to-face at TIFF



Some thoughts I wanted to share… Stream of consciousness…


First of all when I mentioned Innis, as opposed to McLuhan, I was referring to the pattern of co-opting spiritual resistance movements and using that as an example. Likewise with references to the corpus of Helvetius and SPR Charter… the pattern throughout history of hegemonies turning spiritual resistance movements into Imperial religions, as the brunt of problem in terms of progressive change.


It is highly unlikely that you will have the time to read through the materials I've suggested and so again I propose an edited version of our syllabus for an elective that we can deliver via remote for distance education as being the only viable tool for developing accessible courseware for anyone interested in studying the reality of TechnEthics for human ecological recovery.


I noticed, an afterthought on your, what appears to be and oxymoronic idea of anarcho whatever, combined with the idea restoring the Eastern Orthodox systems…


The thread through my entire work is always been about public access to public media and free speech that is to say free thought not the civil religionist version of it but actual free thought. We’re talking about media ethics and the right to know. And that applies of course to academic freedom. I dropped out of the establishment indoctrination machinery for many reasons but the primary one was a pacifist resistance to propaganda, this is been my life's work.


I look around me and I see a society of addicts that are complete zombies walking dead tattooed with a syringe delivering the latest info noise from cyberspace, signaled the skull. And all of the buzzwords for liberation, pseudo libertarian jargon.


The only reality in terms of restoring the ancestral wisdom of indigenous cultures that is of any consequence in terms of the real and true oral tradition, the primary and fundamental element of which is harmony with nature, is the knowledge of natural procreative hygiene which is the only way to have a sustainable echo system for humans.


Also in terms of anarcho syndicalist reality or if you want to call it pure democracy is virtually impossible in a techno fascist media monopoly controlled hive mind. It is only possible when populations are small enough so that decisions can be made collectively and not from the top down. Therefore the population issue is central to any kind of basic understanding of what a Ellul is discussing with regards to Christianity and anarchy.


For example he describes the Exodus wherein the newly liberated peoples were in the desert but they started to whine and complain about how things used to be back in Egypt and slavery it was the period of the judges and it was basically an anarchic system. Needless to say they decided to elect the king themselves.


The story goes, that among the trees none of the noble hardwoods or fruit bearing trees wanted the job, however the thorn bush was certainly willing to do it and as soon as it got into power it said to the other trees you will do what I tell you or I will burn you.


This is all about power addiction, Helvetius describes this process but nobody will be able to read through is very dry and prolonged stream verbose Treatise on Man




Here again I need some editorial assistance in order to even create the syllabus because, at arms length is difficult to know what can be tolerated and of course without some kind of elective study none of this information will ever get through the media monopoly firewall to the "rebels without a clue".


So we come back now to the problem with propaganda and academic research being marginalized by artificial intelligence advertising based top ranking systems, that will obviously work only in accord with the bias of the corporate disease establishment agendas and burn the rest.


Not to mention, in the case of Innis versus McLuhan, the more radical idea of Innis was precisely this bias of Empire, the same is true for Helvetius, and even Prof. Phil Jacklin who sponsored me in 1972 at University of California San Jose, was set up with the bimbo and it gave them reason to dismiss him. This is Imperial religiosity at its best: MIGRc disese establishment.


One of the key points that is relevant to this note from Innis is when he talks about the oral tradition being incomprehensible to anyone who has been indoctrinated by the orthodoxy of so-called higher education in the multi-versities.


Therefore it is highly unlikely that anyone actually knows anything about indigenous oral traditions simply because we've had generations of mind control and programming from MIGRc*


The two systems are so entirely separate, the linear print media or even the rich media along with the splattering's of LSD and drugs, is so far removed from the oral traditions, it is like comparing fish with butterflies.


Those very few wounded, psychologically destroyed survivors of inquisitions and crusades that have been going on for 2000 years, those few survivors, that instead of meeting at a powwow, are able to remember a few tidbits of the wisdom of their great-great-grandparents and share about these things sitting in a laundromat. That's what's left of the oral tradition.


Helvetius argues that intolerance and superstition are the tools necessary for techno fascist realities and as we can see from the works of Surveillance Valley we are indeed very deeply past the endgame and the apocalyptic Kaliyuga,  wherein the religion of media (money) is the only global religion.


You mentioned that we should present at The World Parliament of Religions again I think it's highly improbable that even though we suggested they have a meeting in Toronto that they will focus on the subject of population given that the entire organization is corrupt and that we were censored before.


However one of our members supplied the money for our ability to present last time and we certainly are not going to put up money from our not for profit society so that we can get censored again.


For many years I've been asking for the opportunity to present remotely at OCADU you or other institutions, after all we were the pioneers of "distance education" (Sasha Levine mentions that as one of the offerings of the new millennial salvation by machines) yet we are and have been for 60 years basically still censored and jammed, we are in fact as media ethicists the true hackers, media jammers. But we are the ones that are getting jammed here.


Sasha talks about the Merry pranksters and LSD, as if that's what was the only thing that was going on back then. What about the diggers organization in Toronto. There were hippies that were right wing CIA and then there was the hip. You know anything about sucrose you would realize that making Jell-O on a campfire is not what emancipation is all about. And although I respect the work of one flew over the cuckoo's nest… These are all ex-CIA cutouts. We are grateful for Levine for his history but just like Helvetius it will never get through to mainstream consciousness. Try to talk to GEN XYZ:



If we want to talk about changing anything we need to change the reality of this problem of co-option.


And I would suggest that if you could figure out how that's done in academia it might be a step in the right direction. How precisely do “THEY” eliminate Helvetius and replace it with Malthus. How do “THEY” bury Innis and raise McLuhan to the heights.


Pending on a positive note I would like to suggest that were dealing with power addicts and the 12 step programs is the only workable benevolent anarchy that suggests a possible solution. It is not about revolution and fighting the addict, it is about learning to be free of our own need for validation i.e.: getting the ego off the center of the universe in order to facilitate a pacifist evolution we need to surrender the struggle in the fight against Imperial hegemonies.


Any addict in recovery knows what this is all about from 12 step circles.


Thank you for sharing unconditional love to everybody.





P.S.: Levine has one sentence that is sublime about the conspiracies that are facts and not theories in terms of the coup d'état in the United States of amnesia, see the the section under keywords: “…Watergate eclipsed..” it should shed some light in how “THEY*” work their Religion of TechnologyThe Matrix of the Metropolis





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