Six tips for protecting your smartphone from hackers and the NSA

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Privacy on Android

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EPIC - Search Engine Privacy

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The World's Most Famous Hacker Teaches You How to Be Safe in the Age of Big Brother and Big Data

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Subliminal Semiotics

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"They Live" & AdBan

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ViFrU <-> JorLai - with protocol adjustments and corrections - update 171023

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update buddhist vs freud




PDF / PowerPoint presentation in JorLai FTP > Updates - 170922:


This files may take some time to load download it directly to your HDD with FTP

...see there also the full PowerPoint file for download ,,,not sure if it will play on MAC


Congratulations you are now able to transfer files to the internet and also receive them directly (P2P) interchange.

This should be a basic media access foundation for all citizens in a "democratic society", instead of the "Free & Easy" abased surveillance i.e.: media ethics

However you will now need to learn basic HTML to integrate your posts into the web-page(s) you author for other ViFrU members to interact with ...check out some of the HTML authoring tools for MAC on:


You now have two JorLai folders :

Look at the URL address for this location and compare it to the one below:

Equivalent to the concept of " Side A"

you can now access this with your subdomain:

( direct FTP interface with the WWW - this file "j~l~StudentDesk.html" with the same title in both, is the personalized equivalent to the standard "index.html" file for HTML authoring, note the contents of each will change as we proceed)



"Side B" updates, notifications, bulletin board etc. i.e.:


Archive link to material in j~l~ password protected folder:

cc. of content below ...some links my not work use the above link to go directly to the j~l~ folder:



Welcome to the VFU* Interactive Study Desk for JorLai (j~l~ )

Welcome to ViFrU (Vi-rtual Fr_ee U_niversity)


Media Addiction ("information anxiety") and Information Architecture - update 170911


ViFrU Media Ethics - suggested film study update 170910


ViFrU Study Desk Nodes and how they work cont'd & the philosophical foundations of ViFrU

update 170904a

converting email to HTML and posting to your study desk

update 170904B


Samples of true P2P - 1) ViFrU pj~ study desk - index to 3800+ files 2) Archive g~k~ ViFrU study desk circa 2012 – the use of hotspots - update 170903


How to Get Online Without Using a Browser - update 170901


ViFrU <-> MAC compatibility - update 170831


ViFrU environment protocols - OCR and other tools for "clean copy":

update 170830

Basic Search and Browser issues:

update 170830a


New ViFrU JorLai FTP account - preparations for true P2P - update 170829


Media Studies - Addictions - FTP update 170827:


JorLai StudyDesk access update


1) Go To:



2) Enter Student/Mentor ID:

JorLai (case sensitive)

3) Enter Password:

the12steps (case sensitive)


NB*: the ViFrU study desk will evolve as you interact with it …it is like a virtual office and can evolve into Virtual Reality mode or back down to DOS …you make of it what you will …ask and you will receive i.e.: tools, library, software, free phone line, FTP accounts, courseware  …you name it.

The page is now under construction and interactive capabilities evolve as users interact…please use your ViFrU email account  and you ViFrU Study Desk as the main communications node with ViFrU so that you can connect to other learning exchange nodes.


You have a new study assignments:

Study session :

voice to text machine audio transcript - audit with text to voice JorLai lecture Massey _20170821

Reading List:



Suggested Research:

Find Narcotics Anonymous Meetings
Members of Narcotics Anonymous (NA) groups work through the twelve-step program and attend regular groupmeetings at one of the more than 61,000 weekly meetings that are held around the world.




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t.: 1-647-478-6094


Email cc.:


...ok ...I left a phone msg. on the location of the "Sugar Blue " book I uploaded to the library via our domain for Debra, Mark and you

...I did not have an up to date email address for everyone, so I'm glad you connected, because I wanted to send you the direct link.

Please download it and save it to a memory chip for Debra :


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The ANA* World Service Meetings: 1st Saturday of the Month and R.S.V.P. for Lunch at Media Anonymous World Service meditation retreat.

See: where you can get answers to the popular FAQ:

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