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Foundation course in Media Ethics and Human Ecological Recovery
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UNITY - ViFrU projects

Post by gk » Sat Oct 14, 2017 3:47 pm

Hi Jin (GolWor) :

...I am preparing a walk through of early ViFrU VR sketches...so you can see early idea ( about 15yrs ago ) of a Sims 2 like university in VR

...we may be able to upgrade these for the present use
then idea was of using gaming for educational VR environment

g~k~ / ViFrU admin

------------------------update -----------------------



..this is a brief historical outline of the conceptual virtualization of academic structures at ViFrU :

http://www.mediafire.com/file/vqqdw7bck ... roject.mp4

...this study for the virtualization of academic systems / de-schooling & de-design (since 1972), has implications in terms of our media ethics studies, that we have been debating in our ViFrU foundation course i.e.: in the technological multi-versity, when corporate pre-programmed robotic instruction agendas are progressively replacing face to face human interaction and reciprocal interchange,we then have by default indoctrination via edutainment (entertainment education)

On the other hand now that we live entirely in a post literate society, where linear text based and even oral traditions are overloaded with the visual rich media info-noise, of ad based design templates that proscribe any alternative forms of interactive communications; then there is a techno-language necessity to use digital channels and even VR types of navigation, in order to inform and reach the new media addicts on critical issues i.e.: "the human right to knowledge of procreative Hygiene on a global scale", that "sucrose" is a drug and not a food etc.

With the new global media monopolies controlling all channels, even these essential educational messages cannot get through the firewalls of the matrix (the new industrial state )

This is study of contemporary propaganda techniques is the the core of the ViFrU foundation course in media ethics (technethics) and human ecological recovery.

Welcome on board.

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