Start Here - The Really Inconvenient Truth: Open Call for Interactive Dialogue - Ellul Colloquy 180421:

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Foundation course in Media Ethics and Human Ecological Recovery
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Start Here - The Really Inconvenient Truth: Open Call for Interactive Dialogue - Ellul Colloquy 180421:

Post by gk » Thu Apr 26, 2018 2:50 am

The ViFrU Foundation course in Media Ethics - part 1

The Really Inconvenient Truth:

about Roe v. Wade, Herbs, Population and War


...2 Min.Video Intro.


“human rights to knowledge about natural procreation hygiene on a global scale…”

Based on a Virtual Free University Media Ethics Foundation Course presentation at

The World Parliament of Religions

Salt Lake City - Oct., 16, 2017


Format: Lecture and Production Thesis for a Documentary


It is on par with violence to with hold information from women about free birth control methods using natural herbs
Yes we have been "informed" that we have an "energy crisis", or a "climate change crisis" ; but what we really have is a population crisis and yet there is no attempt to discuss the taboo subject of global population reduction and the way it can be achieved

To open the lecture Go To:


...after reviewing the material the most obvious action is to use the "Quick Reply" below - PLEASE DON'T
This is what clutters most bulletin boards ...instead the next step in order to interact is to set up your Study Desk
here is a an early draft of how these work ...follow the prompts below Go To Media Free Times mirror at the Library Archives of Canada: ... index.html

when you open it the scroll down and click the cursor over the "hot spot" at the entrance of the main campus building image.. these pages are not designed like newspapers so use the scroll bar and bounce around: ... /index.htm

Here is a later version model simulation (not active) on the nodes ...these are the members Study Desks, that is basically a virtual studio/office , a node that enables you to interact with other student/mentors: ... ex.html#-2

for views of the virtual worlds in 3D of the environments GoTo the previous page: ... /index.htm you should be getting some idea of how the learning exchange works and there are additional video walk through links available and live remote sessions to assist ...but for now the first thing is to put in a request for your study desk via:

Skype ID: heartcalm


...tell us what your interests are and ask us to set up a personal domain, an FTP account, an email address and answers to any question you would like to ask...we are based on mutual aid so our sharing is reciprocal ...that is to say you will be building the virtual campus, we will assist but we will not do it for you. please don't used the quick reply for now.

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