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Foundation course in Media Ethics and Human Ecological Recovery
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The George Kasey Foundation Inc.*.

The Foundation for the Advancement of Applied TechnEthics (Media Ethics) and Human Ecological Recovery (F.A.T.H.E.R.*)

Aloha All:

Welcome to The Virtual Free University*

Bcc.: Media Free Times / ViFrU* Think Tank et al

Cc. from post on Signal app:

• Update 180618 for all stake holders:

... although we have mountains of data here (5M+ words) it is not accessible and confusing

...the first task will be to create an fully functional database of our course-ware and a ViFrU information resources database library to assist the public / researchers / gov / stakeholders, for self education on the critical issues.

In the process of doing this, we will need all participants to login as student/mentors and create a work-space for brainstorming i.e.: a ViFrU study desk that is basically a self-contained but interactive virtual office, that has a secure and safe communications protocols environment, established for ad-free, peer to peer, reciprocal interchange.
The primary purpose of this ViFrU Bulletin Board (ViFrU_BB) is to assist in this development,

We strongly recommend our one on one walk through sessions in real time via TeamViewer for technical support that is available by appointment only. Please us the private message service on ViFrU_BB to schedule assistance. Note: As per our Ad Ban policy we will not respond to ad based email clients.

To date, we have the assistance of our new CTO, who will build the server from the ground up and we are in the market for industrial hardware for this purpose.

... meanwhile we are introducing the preliminaries to a new administrative assistant intern and other new students

...this coincides with our work on Media Anonymous World Service and for the foundation course in media ethics, that is for the recovery from media addiction i.e.: understanding how to use media so that it does not use us.

Needless to say this is an ongoing process that will take dedicated proactive involvement from members and we trust that in developing these libraries that this will also facilitate sponsor and investor interest and fund-raising appeal....thus also adding the potential of profit sharing, not just mercenary but holistic, for all stakeholders.

However, as per the 12 Step traditions model, we are self supporting through our own input.

We need you all to keep us up to speed as to your progress, Thank you all for the good work to date.
One thing that will help is open dialogue (“meetings”)… a lost art in our mediated society.



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The George Kasey Foundation Inc. is a Canadian federally incorporated not for profit society working on global sustainability and human rights issues .

We are registered with Global Affairs Canada

Thank you.


g~k~/ () George Kasey ()

Director / CEO / CIO
*The Foundation for the Advancement of Applied TechnEthics (Media Ethics) and Human Ecological Recovery (F.A.T.H.E.R.):

The Virtual Free University (Think Tank)

Media Anonymous World Service

t.: 1-(705)-844-1888

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