12 Step Program

Media Addicts Anonymous World Service (t.m.)(inc.)

12 Step Program for Recovery from Media / Power Addiction

( media addition i.e.: internet / VR / fantasy / power fetish / money )

This is a Portal Out of The Matrix:

An oasis in cyberspace for the media / internet addict who wants to come home to the real world.
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Post by gk » Sun Oct 14, 2018 8:25 pm

Hi Merlin:

I have upgraded you ViFrU_BB permissions so that you can use the Private Messenger (PM) ...we generally do not correspond via ad based email services.

However I did send you a note in reply about Media Addiction. Did you receive it?

When we opened the domain we had in mind that it could be used for friends and family of Media Addicts like AlAnon is used for families of alcoholics. When you have a better understanding of the 12 Step programs you may wish to start your own group of MediaAnon.

I can also recommend checking out the literature for "Adult Children of Alcoholics"

I am available if you want to chat

g~k~ / Media Anonymous Founding Member / Trusted Servant

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