The ViFrU Foundation Course Lectures on Media Ethics and Human Ecological Recovery
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"Free & Easy" ?

Post by gk » Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:27 am


...note the post on this link is Not AdBan Clean and if you hit the links in the cc. on PRISM and you do not see a "pop up" that tells you to disarm your adblocker, then you do not have an adblocker installed on your browser and of course you do not want to stop your adblocker then how do you get the copy? A: think fast and press cntrl+A and then cntrl+C, that is how

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The difference between architecture and engineering in IT

Post by gk » Thu May 03, 2018 6:27 pm

The difference between architecture and engineering in IT:


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Opaque Projector or Designer? - What the Carrot looks like: notes on the Nadaist Manifesto / “ free speech v. spin” - V

Post by gk » Mon Aug 06, 2018 9:04 pm

Opaque Projector or Designer? - What the Carrot looks like: notes on the Nadaist Manifesto / “ free speech v. spin” - ViFrU Ellul colloquy footnotes 180806 ... 180806.htm

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Re: Thinking

Post by JorLai » Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:02 am

I've read only as far as "A NADAist Manifesto for Peace". I like the anti art motif spun in with military industrial motif but do not see enough of MIGc relevance within text as far as i have read

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Re: Thinking

Post by gk » Wed Sep 12, 2018 5:18 pm

Free speech NADA "mail art" we conceptualized in 70's as anti mainstream propaganda was co opted by the C3I of ARPAnet

12x12=24 ;-)

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I would like to know my status with the position base of our course-ware Re: Thinking

Post by gk » Fri Sep 14, 2018 3:48 pm

Reply to "Before You Go"

Sent: Fri Jul 13, 2018 12:06 am
From: gk
Recipient: Asheley22

• Before you go...
• I would like to know my status with the position. I want to know where I stand so I know how best to move forward.
• You are a member of our ViFrU think tank in good standing and are authorized to perform in an executive capacity as an intern for the actualization of the proposed opus, as per the mandate of our Canadian corporate not for profit NGO, in terms of our media ethics for human ecological recovery proposals I.e.: "the human right to knowledge of natural procreative hygiene on a global scale" and this is based on mutual aid, but allows you also to share in the responsibility and profits this actualization will produce.
• In short you are a free agent entitled to perform any act in your understanding that you feel will be mutually beneficial for the higher good of all.
• As mentioned before your reimbursement will come from the donations that our NGO can secure, but for now I can cover the immediate costs of your investment of time to date.
• ...hope this works for you is negotiable
• OK?
• ...copy that?
• ...on a personal level I sense that you are a God sent and thus a angel, like ice, like fire, that once connected to your most high truth will do the right.
• ...but pls. reply you’re in receipt so i can go and rest in the sun
• The title of Administrative Assistant intern is appropriate in a strictly corporate businesses environment, but as we are discussing moral and radical creative principles, the term "a friend" would be more appropriate.
• " angel is a jewel, it cannot be manufactured, it is just discovered.."
• Be well. I’ll give you a response soon.
• You are an angel i.e.: a vital creative asset and it has been my pleasure to have worked with you today. I wish you another 24 hours ...stay free.
• Na Ma Ste
• ...i just had a 12 Step meeting with a recovering addict and adult child and was sharing about the art of the clown, on tight rope, on a bicycle 100 feet above the crowd....she cannot think about what she is doing because if he does then fear will abort the mission...he does it and he does not think of the reward at the end of the line ..but he is a professional and her focus on the task is her job. There is a storm coming, fires are already visible , there is no place to hide...what to do ...the greatest thing to fear is fear itself, rolling stones and dust is rising and you cannot see for the dust let go and suddenly you are like Dorthy on the yellow brick road. Image the positive, the power of mind is what heals and protects, if only we can tune in. Now the George is a fool wrestling with the beast, the outcome looks grim, there seems no escape from it ...there is anther take on the scene, a light gets through the media monopoly firewall, the whistle blower succeeds in animating the hive mind ...i have a hard time thinking positively, the unlikelihood of this happening yet when i let go, i can.
• She suggested "maybe you should image that you are on a grand open highway, the day is sunny and you are prosperous, healthy, wealthy and wise" ...why not ...we are what we
• unconditional love
• "I AM" on that highway now...
• ...i have had time to rest and reflect on your query about your status ... as you can see we do not have the resources to retain your excellent talent as a writer/editorial assistant/"repackager", at this time and that the possible funding from "Big Pharma" controlled media monopolies, that bias governments and manipulate the public hive mind with the most sophisticated artificial ignorance and fear, are not about to lose billions of dollars, of profiteering from human misery, by enabling us financially as whistle blowers , to de-school and de-design the educational, or rather indoctrination propaganda agendas of imperial religionists, that worship the God of money over life. However, it is our belief that given the environmental apocalypse that we are already in and the inevitability of the imminent famine, water shortages, disease and global war, that are the inevitable conclusions to overpopulation, that is rooted in the mediated fostering of irresponsible procreation, are going to go away just because we are in denial about what is going on the real world i.e.: one .
• Nor do we believe that "selling out" with "sucrose coating" of or missives, so that funding is available, after that basic principles are
• co-opted as “one artist (writer) to another”, i think that all we can ask for is from you is to be "a friend" of this opus and although, as you an see i am quite competent in rendering my thoughts, the daunting task of the parsing and editing of the 5M+ words in our database and the impossible task of getting anyone to find or even look at our 2 min. video. clip, recuperating from constant hacks and jamming of our communications by "THEM", my workaholic condition &c. needs an administrative assistance, from not just one person but a following of multitudes. The profit speaks in the wilderness and only the GOOG et al will ever let her voice be visible ...i do not wish the heretic to suffer the new inquisition ...stay free.
• " ...everyone wants peace, but few there are, that are willing to do what it takes to achieve it ..." form Aldous Huxley's "The Ways and Means"
• to answer your questions "what do you want me to do" of a series of indicators of superior capabilities and intelligence that separated you from all the other applicants is your response to the situation of being blocked at registration was your intuitive reply:
• " On the subject of preventing form spams, I would suggest that you look into embedding the Honeypot technique into registration and log in forms. It’s the most effective way to prevent spam bots since their ‘weakness’ is to fill out form fields.
To leverage this, a blank form field is created and hidden from the human eyes using JavaScript and CSS. When a form is submitted, you can check to see if there’s a value for the field, if there is, proceed to block the form submission.
I prefer this method because CAPTCHA, although easy to use is not ideal for users who are visually impaired or dyslexic. I hope this helps. Best of luck. "

• Now of course we are all conditioned to ask for direction under remuneration considerations, however in this pacifist resistance v. "Info Wars" this is exactly counterproductive v. AI the action of proactive input placed you immediately in the executive drivers seat and in answer to your question about your "status" are still in the driver’s seat if you choose to be there and i cannot encourage you to be Joan of Arc, or Dorothy on the Yellow brick road ...this is a "spiritual path" ...instead ask our mother earth what you need to do would be an asset if we could get people to login and register via your suggestion, i cannot fix it all ...i never heard of "honeypot" and even our CTO did not respond ...also your time, i estimate is actually worth 1K$ per diem and that because society dumbs down hyper intelligent dyslexics like us we tend to be under-earners and then compulsive debtors terms of our learning exchange, i am willing to barter my time and experience as an executive counselor in terms of mutual aid with you ...but i do not
• believe that the human desire for glory or gain is enough in the face of threat ...we need to put our faith in a higher power that will guide the clown on a bicycle on the tight rope 100 feet above the crowd ...may that Good Orderly Direction protect and keep you
• ...the "glory and the gain", like the "carrot and the stick" and "bread and circus" are what move the mediated outer-directed hive mind...those that are inner directed, see what needs to be done and do it, even if it appears that they are going against the zeitgeist i.e.: eco chic and green washing ..the herd moves one way , the techno heretic the other ... welcome on board
or we could use some photographs of reality ...there seem to be very few on the web i.e.:
• or we could use diplomacy with cellphone companies claiming to be interested in SR
• or we could use redaction of the introduction to the ViFrU media ethics on human rights to natural knowledge
• &c. i know "money talks and BS walks " but who is paying me for my labor and at the same time you need to keep body and soul together ...i have no answers, but i do know that we are either part of the problem if we are not part of the solution ... i cannot direct you, or compel you to do anything.. you are an independent mind.
• ...of course i assume that it is a given, that i will cover your expenses as much as i am able, but that if we conspire as artists do to collect the tips by passing the hat after the "tight rope walker" show, i cannot see, in my experience, how we would not be able to prosper if we shake the money tree in the right way. Blessings to you "...the workman is always worthy of his hire ...and if the son asks the FATHER for bread, will he receive a stone...?" I anticipate the outcome of your deliberations "soon" and as a freelancer and itinerant mendicant all my life i can certainly empathize. My apologies for the verbosity of my reply, but i anticipate that i will be making edited versions of this for "the multitudes" of "administrative assistants" the are lining up at our gate ...if only we could repair the hacks on login and registration now to open the way for them.

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